9th of March 2017

where all should be comma placed in a transformation senctence?

Sameer Nishtala - ICSE - Class X

Thursday, March 09, 2017 at 17:46:PM


Commas based on sentence structure 

Compound Sentences

Use comma before a coordinating conjunction but if the two clauses are closely connected you may omit the comma

Simple Sentences

Do not use a comma before a coordinating conjunction if the sentence contains only one independent clause.


If omitting the comma leads to confusion or lack of clarity, insert the comma.

Complex Sentences 

If the dependent clause comes before the independent clause, separate it with a comma.

If the independent clause comes before the dependent clause, omit the comma.


If the dependent clause is not essential to the meaning of the sentence, it should be set off with a comma.

If the dependent clause occurs in the middle of a sentence, use commas if it is nonessential; do not use commas if it is essential.

Compound-Complex Sentences

When a sentence begins with a dependent clause that applies to two independent clauses that follow, insert a comma after the dependent clause, but do not insert a comma between the independent clauses.

When a dependent clause occurs between two independent clauses and applies only to the second, the dependent clause should be set off with commas.


Thursday, March 09, 2017 at 18:03:PM