7th of September 2015

What are the different ways to write an answer to Drama Questions(Merchant of Venice) in English Literature Paper 2 ?

(I mean do we have to quote the lines ? IF so, Do we Quote the lines after explaining in our own language ? Also, explain the meaning of "Running Quotes"?)

Sumit Roy Rebooted 2nd Edition - ICSE - Class X

Monday, September 07, 2015 at 18:36:PM


Hi Sumit,

Questions based on drama tests your understanding of the play. For these you are expected to assess the situations on which the question is based and support your assessment. Quoting the lines would be preferable as it may show that you have familiarised yourself with the play. Your explanation should follow the quote you have used. However, explaining the lines in your own words will also do in case you find it difficult to remember the lines.  Use simple and lucid language to explain your answer. 

Kindly ask one question per query. 

Monday, September 07, 2015 at 19:06:PM