2nd of March 2017

Sir i am too much confused for my preparation for upcoming exams..

I have two queties:

i) I learn in all subjects then make their notes

ii) First I make notes then learn from them

Please tell me sir what shouldbi do...

Vijay Jethi - CBSE - Class X

Thursday, March 02, 2017 at 18:28:PM


Hi Vijay,

  • Preparing for the exams would be easier if you jot down the important points first and then revise them just before the exams.
  • Highlight important points and formulae on textbooks and reference books to locate them easily. Revise the points as and when you get time.
  • Biology involves learning and memorising difficult terminology. Write such terms repeatedly so as to get acquainted with them.
  • Get thorough with the important definitions as the subject is mostly theory.
  • Since most of the questions asked in biology consist of diagrams, hence, practice drawing neat, well labelled diagrams as they will help you understand and score marks.
  • Create mind maps along with flash cards and paste them in your room or study table. They will form images that will be difficult to erase, thus making the task of remembering easier. 

Do not take stress. Just be calm and face your exams in a positive manner.

Hope you find these suggestions useful.

Best of luck!!

Thursday, March 02, 2017 at 19:02:PM