OTBA 2017

Open Text-based Assessment (OTBA) tests the reasoning and analytical skills of students. It is a step taken to go beyond rote learning and gives students the chance to prove themselves by applying what they have studied. Our practice tests make OTBA preparation easy as they give a clear idea of the paper pattern. That's not all! These tests also come with solutions prepared by experts. So, get your prep material now and get ready for the exam.


CBSE Class 9

Subjects Theme Test Format
Understanding the Environment of Mars - 2014-15 free
Clean India We Mean It - 2014-15 free
Handling Drought in Our Country - 2015-16 free
Conservation Of Water Bodies - 2015-16 free
Solid Waste Management - How to bring best out of waste? - 2016-17 free
Living on the Edge - 2014-15 free
A Story of Two Brothers - 2014-15 free
Together We Rise - 2015-16 free
Food Security in India - 2015-16 free
Rainfall- An important factor governing Indian economy - 2016-17 free
India's Tryst with Mars - 2014-15 free
The Cleaning Up Campaign Sweeps Across The Country - 2014-15 free
Let's Welcome, Accept and Respect - 2015-16 free
Indigenous Games of India - 2015-16 free
Nurturing Compassionate Citizens - 2016-17 free
स्वास्थ्य - 2014-15 free
भारत का मंगल पर मंगलागमन - 2014-15 free
Mahila Sashaktikaran - 2015-16 free
Paryavaran Sanrakshan - 2015-16 free
Samaveshi Shiksha Ek Chunauti - 2016-17 free
Empower To Learn - 2014-15 free
Atithidevo Bhavah - 2014-15 free
Solving Mystery of messed up fields - 2016-17 free
Quadrilaterals in Architecture, WAH TAJ! free
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CBSE Class 11-science

Subjects Theme Test Format
Environmental Sanitation - 2014-15 free
Quantifying Evidences of Sensitivity - 2014-15 free
The Ambient Air - 2015-16 free
Take care - 2015-16 free
Learn to Live Well - 2016-17 free
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