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IIT Jee Main & Advanced 2 Years Preparation Program For Class 11th

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How to become an IIT JEE ranker?

So, you are in Class 11 and you want to crack IIT JEE? No, wait! You are a tad more ambitious: you want to become an IIT JEE ranker! In that case, you must start with your full-fledged preparation right away. It takes sweat, toil and in-depth planning to become an IIT JEE ranker. Do you want to know what is working for you right now? Time. Yes, you have sufficient time. If you start now, you will have two years to prepare for IIT JEE. If you do it right, you will emerge victorious: you may even become an AIR! Wondering where to start? Check out the IIT JEE course for Class 11 students. It is a two year, full-time preparation programme wherein students get access to top-notch online study resources. The preparation pack includes study materials for conceptual clarity, video solutions on the most important questions for IIT JEE, test series to gauge exam preparedness, subject matter experts to clarify doubts instantly, and IIT JEE mentorship assistance to break any mental block. So, why wait? Enrol now! The terrain is a tough one, and time flies in the blink of an eye! ..

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IIT JEE Main and Advanced preparation in 2 years

Cracking IIT JEE is not that big a deal, as many will tell you. And, bright and brilliant as you are, you may have been topping your class so far anyway! So why should you consider IIT JEE preparation for Class 11? Isn’t two years too long to prepare for JEE? May be you should just focus on the school curriculum right now, shouldn’t you? But wait! Have you considered this? Between Class 11 and IIT JEE, the competition will flare up from the few hundred to a few thousand students with each of them dazzling with the same spark of brilliance as you. Also, simply cracking IIT JEE is not enough. You must secure a high rank to get admission to the IIT of your choice. Still thinking that IIT JEE preparation in 2 years is more elaborate than necessary? Browse through our IIT JEE Main and Advanced preparation course for Class 11. Explore the salient features of this tailor-made course by TopperLearning and Motion Education, and you will know why you need to start preparing for IIT JEE right now!
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Why should you prepare online for IIT JEE?

Nowadays, several students prefer online courses to physical classrooms for competitive exams like IIT JEE. These students experience the power of personalisation and the ease of learning from home. Would you agree that your learning needs may vary from the person sitting next to you? Have you stopped to think whether these needs are being catered to in a physical coaching centre where you have to compete with 100 other students, first to get a seat of your choice and then the teacher's attention? In contrast, opting for an online IIT JEE preparation course can be rather empowering. Consider this: you can pick a plan that meets your specific needs. You can study as much as (or as little as) you want on a particular day. You can keep things interesting and lively by watching video solutions of questions related to concepts that you just read. You can appear for periodic tests to gauge your exam preparedness. And, you can get your questions answered by subject matter experts within the shortest span of time. So, while studying online for IIT JEE, it is you who takes charge of the learning process and not the tuition teacher.
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