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ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Chapters

Get the best learning materials, including textbook solutions for ICSE Class 8 Chemistry, to revise Chemistry lessons at TopperLearning. Find out why water is essential for life on the Earth. Understand what makes carbon monoxide dangerous. Study the different states of matter by watching informative concept videos created by TopperLearning’s Chemistry subject experts. With our Chemistry resources, students can revise topics such as crystallisation of water, classification of oxides and more. 

The ICSE Class 8 Chemistry syllabus also introduces chemical reactions. Learn how to balance chemical equations by going through our ICSE Class 8 Chemistry notes. Our learning resources include ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Most Important Questions, ICSE Class 8 Test, which can be used for last-minute exam preparation. Once students finish studying from the Chemistry notes, go for self-assessment resources such as sample papers and practice tests. With self-assessment, students can identify the concepts that they continue to struggle with and repeat the revision of those concepts.

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ICSE Class 8 Textbook Solutions, Videos, Sample Papers & More

Chapter 1 – Matter

Revise the kinetic theory of matter and the states of matter with our ICSE Class 8 Chemistry questions and answers. Understand A. Lavoisier’s law of conservation of mass with a suitable example. Also, go through the concept of interconversion of matter with our concise ICSE Class 8 Chemistry notes by experts.

Chapter 2 – Physical and Chemical Changes

Know about the conversion of solid to liquid and liquid to gas. Use our ICSE Chemistry Class 8 revision notes to understand the physical and chemical changes of matter. Relearn concepts such as vaporisation, melting, freezing, condensation, fermentation, dehydration etc. with our chapter notes, video lectures and more. 

Chapter 3 – Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

In this ICSE Chemistry Class 8 chapter, study about compounds, mixtures and elements. Understand the principle of separation. Also, brush up on concepts related to matter that you studied in earlier lessons. Through our study materials, our academic experts also support you with revising how the components of a mixture can be separated.

Chapter 4 – Atomic Structure

Study one of the most important concepts in Chemistry—the structure of an atom. Find out more about the different parts of an atom including protons, electrons and neutrons. Revise concepts such as the nucleus, mass number and atomic number with our well-written ICSE Chemistry Class 8 revision notes.

Chapter 5 – Language of Chemistry

In this chapter, understand the meaning of different symbols in Chemistry. Practise Chemistry equations and learn about formulae of compounds. Use our ICSE Chemistry Class 8 video lessons and chapter notes to revise the limitations of a chemical equation. Later, evaluate your skills by using practice tests for this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Chemical Reactions

With our ICSE Chemistry Class 8 study resources for this chapter, you can revise the various types of chemical reactions. Learn about the classification of oxides. Use TopperLearning’s chapter notes to go through topics such as endothermic process, exothermic process, neutralisation reaction and more.

Chapter 7 – Hydrogen

Learn more about hydrogen by reading about the concept of electrolysis. Revise Bosch’s process with our chapter notes for conceptual clarity. Study the characteristics and uses of hydrogen. Also, find out about the reduction and oxidation processes with our valuable ICSE Chemistry Class 8 learning materials. 

Chapter 8 – Water

Study in detail about water with our ICSE Chemistry Class 8 chapter notes. You can easily learn concepts such as soft water, hard water, colloids, suspension, solutions, crystallisation of water etc. by using our ICSE Class 8 Chemistry notes. Find out why water is known as a universal solvent. Also, revise the differentiating points between supersaturated solutions and saturated/unsaturated solutions.

Chapter 9 – Carbon and Its Compounds

The learning materials for this ICSE Chemistry Class 8 chapter will help you to understand carbon and its compounds. Read about the allotropes of carbon. Go through the uses and properties of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Also, learn why carbon monoxide is harmful when we inhale it.

Useful study materials for ICSE Class 8 Chemistry from TopperLearning

Our Chemistry study materials include revision notes, sample papers and practice tests. Sample papers are effective in managing your exam-related stress. Also, TopperLearning’s sample papers are created by Chemistry teachers according to the latest exam paper pattern. You can attempt these Chemistry question papers to get a feel of how the actual exam is going to be. Along with the sample papers, our expert educators have given ICSE Class 8 Chemistry solutions in accordance with the ICSE exam guidelines. These model answers will be handy when you need help with solving questions like balancing a chemical equation.

Practice tests are great for practising the topics in your ICSE Class 8 Chemistry syllabus. All you need to do is revise a topic from the notes and then take the online practice test to check whether you have clearly understood the topic. If you have any questions related to the syllabus topics or your Chemistry exam, you can always submit your questions in the ‘Undoubt’ section at TopperLearning. Our experts will respond to your ICSE Class 8 Chemistry-related queries at the earliest.

Why are revision materials important for ICSE Class 8 Chemistry?

You need revision materials to go through the Class 8 Chemistry lessons taught in school. Revision notes are needed for reinforcing conceptual understanding of the Chemistry topics and for exam preparation. Also, learning support materials let you to study Chemistry lessons in a structured format and develop your analytical thinking abilities. The step-wise ICSE Class 8 Chemistry solutions for sample paper questions guide you with the right way to approach exam questions and prepare strategies for scoring more marks.

Also, if you have missed the Chemistry practical sessions, you may not be able to grasp the concepts based on those sessions. To learn or revisit the knowledge gained in those sessions, watch concept video lessons. In the video lessons, our experts share demonstrations or examples of practical application of Chemistry concepts in real life. These videos enable you to get clarity on the ICSE Class 8 Chemistry concepts that you may have forgotten or struggle with. With thorough revision, you will begin to love your Chemistry lessons and feel more capable to answer questions in your Chemistry exam.

Frequently Asked Questions – ICSE Class 8 Chemistry

1.      Do you have the PDF version of Chemistry notes for ICSE Class 8?

TopperLearning’s chapter-wise ICSE Class 8 Chemistry revision notes can be downloaded as PDF files.
2.      Should I attempt all the ICSE Class 8 Chemistry sample papers at TopperLearning?

You can practise all the sample papers as time permits. Make sure to go through the ICSE Class 8 Chemistry solutions of each sample paper. You can even attempt the same sample paper multiple times according to your schedule.
3.      How many ICSE Chemistry Class 8 practice tests should I take?

Take a few practice tests and see how you fair in those tests. If you happen to get low scores, go through the correct model answers for those questions and retake the test later. Take as many tests as possible but make sure to improve your weak areas with sufficient revision.
4.      Will watching ICSE Class 8 Chemistry video lessons be more effective than reading chapter notes?

Each online learning material has a purpose. Video lessons can support you with conceptual clarity in an engaging format. Chapter notes will help you quickly read through the important concepts from each chapter before your class tests.

ICSE Class 8 Chemistry Frequently Asked Questions

All chapters of class 8 Chemistry ICSE, in the prescribed syllabus by the ICSE and based on the NCERT curriculum have their importance and weightage. TopperLearning have taken into consideration all minute details from the curriculum to ensure that the syllabus of class 8 Chemistry ICSE is aligned properly. Each chapter of class 8 Chemistry ICSE has various concepts that are aligned to the NCERT Learning outcomes and plays a specific role in improving outcomes. ICSE class 8 Chemistry chapter list will give you an idea of the entire course curriculum coverage.
To start with Class 8 Chemistry ICSE, one should clearly understand the syllabus and course structure first. Teachers will help giving an introduction and of the syllabus and ways it will help them to improve their learning levels. Once a learner slowly understands the concepts, it is recommended to initiate practice a habit. ToppeLearning can aid students to practice with tests and do a quick revision of the concepts learnt in the class with important resources like Video lessons, notes and sample papers. Practicing and revising all these resources from initial will help them understand the concepts with clarity. Nowadays, the questions are asked keeping in mind the problem solving and applications of concepts into consideration. Always try to clear the concepts of Class 8 Chemistry ICSE that you do not understand. Avoid skipping topics or concepts. Revise crucial topics watching concept and problem solving videos at TopperLearning after your school or online classes or as required.
To score good marks in Chemistry Class 8 ICSE, one needs to understand the concepts really well. If a learner is well aware of the core concepts then it becomes very easy to attempt problems asked on those concepts. This also motivates learners to gain knowledge and excel in studies. Once a learner has understood the concepts in Chemistry Class 8 ICSE then practice should become a daily ritual as it is the key to let know about strengths and weaknesses. For subjects like Maths, practice is the key. For Science, knowing how to apply a learnt concept into daily life and problem solving is crucial. Once a learner is able to know what is happening around, can relate to the theories learnt in the books. Writing answers is also a good habit as it strengthens your communication skills and keeps a check on areas to improve which will enable scoring good marks in exams. Keep revising crucial topics watching concept and problem solving videos at TopperLearning after your school or online classes or as required.
Some students consider Class 8 Chemistry chapters as interesting than maths chapters. Actually, the interests vary from student to student as some like History chapters than Class 8 Chemistry. It is very evident that most students who like Maths, chapters related to Algebra, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Trigonometry, etc. interested the most. Students who have planned for various scholarships, Olympiads or competitive exams mostly find chapters related to metals and non-metals, acids and bases, light, energy, work, power, etc. In Social Chemistry, students mostly find interests in stone and Iron Age history, about the medieval age, world history and India’s struggle for independence, etc. At TopperLearning you will get access to the bank of resources in the form of videos, notes, a huge question bank, Class 8 Chemistry NCERT solutions etc., which will help you gain knowledge on the chapters that interest you the most. Just make sure to go through the TopperLearning Plans for your board-grade combination.

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