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ICSE Exam Class 10 2020 - Study Material

Find the latest ICSE Class 10 Solutions, Sample Papers, Previous Years’ Question Papers, Exam Dates, Preparation Tips & Help at TopperLearning

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ICSE Class 10 MIQs - Most Important Questions

Most Important Questions or MIQs are questions that our in-house experts curate based on questions that frequently come in the exams. These questions are listed based on the extensive research of the experts and their observations. Our MIQs have had the reputation of being the most accurate and have helped students to score well in their exams as well. At TopperLearning, we have created MIQs for all subjects enabling every student to score the maximum marks according to their potential.

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ICSE Class 10 Past Years' Papers and Solutions

As a part of your exam preparation, you prioritise each and every topic across subjects. It is a safe practice and a good practice too. As your base becomes clear, your concepts become stronger, and you have the confidence to solve any question that comes your way. Solving past years’ papers is also a way of strengthening the preparation process. The past years’ papers give you an idea of what kind of questions you may face and how you must deal with each and every question. Most importantly, they help you know how to divide your time. Time management is crucial when you prepare for your exams.

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ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers and Solutions 2020

After you have acquainted yourself with the question paper pattern, you must solve more question papers to be able to tackle a wide range of questions. For this reason, sample papers have been drafted by subject matter experts at TopperLearning. These experts create sample papers based on thorough research and expertise. The questions are mostly from topics which the experts think need more emphasis. In this way, you get to spend more time on topics that need a little more focus compared to others.

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ICSE Class 10 Textbook Solutions

ICSE Class 10 Textbook Solutions are solved exercises from your textbooks. Our process of solving questions begin from the textbook solutions. Some are easy and some may be difficult to understand. At TopperLearning, we solve each and every exercise which has been given after a chapter. These questions may be objective or subjective to give students a better understanding of what each topic entails. It marks the beginning of a long preparation process but is equally important.

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ICSE Class 10 Video Lessons

TopperLearning ensures that each and every student is catered to in every way possible. We understand that there are many subjects, topics and sub-topics that need extra attention and cannot be understood just by reading. So, to cover this gap, we have introduced video lessons. These videos are shot by our in-house subject matter experts who explain a complex topic in the most elaborate way. The environment that the videos create more or less replicates a classroom. Apart from that, our webinars also allow students to interact with experts.

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Exam Guidance

To help you get maximum practice for the ICSE Class 10 exam, our curriculum is designed in a way that you'll have access to multiple sample papers, past years’ papers, most important questions and other course material. Also, initiatives like ask the expert (where you leave a question and the expert answers your query within 24 hours) and webinars (interactive sessions with experts) ensure that you are heard too. When we talk about a holistic approach and complete preparation for the exam, we mean the entire journey starting from course material to model question papers. If followed religiously, you can easily score more marks and have a good understanding of the concepts.

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