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Free Live Webinars 2023: ICSE Class 10

Revise crucial chapter concepts with TopperLearning's ICSE Class 10 webinars. There are several questions and answers in your board exam that are based on basic concepts, experiments and formulae. Go through these topics in our online webinars for Maths and Science. Our webinar for ICSE 10 is conceptualised to help you with a quick revision of important lessons across subjects. You may have practised multiplication of matrices in Mathematics at the beginning of the academic year. When you attend the webinar, our Math expert will take you through the problems based on Matrices and share tips and tricks to solve them correctly and write complete answers.
In Mathematics, you can learn concepts such as factor theorems, quadratic equations, and remainder theorems. Similarly, in the Physics webinars for Class 10, you can brush up on concepts such as circular motion, work, force, and laws of motion. The problem-solving techniques in Maths and Physics discussed in our webinars will benefit you during your board exams.
Also, TopperLearning's free webinars will give you a chance to revise concepts that you may have struggled to remember. For example, you may have studied mitosis in Biology or covalent bonding in Chemistry earlier but may have difficulty remembering all the key details. As your exam date comes closer, the short webinar sessions can enable you to quickly revise and recollect important information from these topics.
Some of the topics that you can revise through the ICSE Class 10 Chemistry webinar are properties of acids, properties of the modern periodic table, properties of bases, and the mole concept. In the webinars for Biology, you will get to revise meiosis, photosynthesis, transpiration, chromosomes, and more such topics. These revision sessions will boost your confidence while writing clear and concise answers and help you score good marks in your board examination.
If you have missed our earlier webinars, you can plan and attend the upcoming webinars for ICSE 10. The upcoming webinar schedule is available on the TopperLearning website. These free webinars allow students a quick recap of concepts. Take advantage of these online events to improve your performance in exams.

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