Chapter 18 : Rectilinear Figures - Frank Solutions for Class 9 Maths ICSE

Mathematics in ICSE Class 9 is one of the most challenging and trickiest subjects of all. It includes complex topics such as logarithms, expansions, indices and Pythagoras Theorem which are difficult to understand for an average student. TopperLearning provides study materials for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics to make the subject easy and help students to clear all their concepts. Our study materials comprise numerous video lessons, question banks, revision notes and sample papers which help achieve success in the examination.

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Chapter 18 - Rectilinear Figures Excercise Ex. 18.1

Question 1
Solution 1
Question 2
Solution 2
Question 3
Solution 3
Question 4
Solution 4
Question 5
Solution 5
Question 6
Solution 6
Question 7
Solution 7
Question 8
Solution 8
Question 9
Solution 9

Question 10
Solution 10
Question 11
Solution 11
Question 12
Solution 12
Question 13
Solution 13
Question 14
Solution 14
Question 15
Solution 15
Question 16

Is it possible to have a polygon whose sum of interior angles is 780°?

Solution 16

Question 17

Is it possible to have a polygon whose sum of interior angles is 7 right angles?

Solution 17

Question 18

Is it possible to have a polygon whose each interior angle is 124°?

Solution 18

Question 19

Is it possible to have a polygon whose each interior angle is 105°?

Solution 19

Question 20

A heptagon has three angles equal to 120°, and the other four angles are equal. Find all the angles.

Solution 20

Question 21

Solution 21


Question 22

In a polygon, there are 3 right angles and the remaining angles are equal to 165°. Find the number of sides in the polygon.

Solution 22

Question 23

ABCDE is a pentagon in which AB is parallel to DC and   Find angle A.

Solution 23


Question 24

If the difference between an exterior angle of a regular polygon of 'n' sides and an exterior angle of another regular polygon of '(n + 1)' sides is equal to 4o; find the value of 'n'.

Solution 24

Question 25

The number of sides of two regular polygons are in the ratio 2 : 3 and their interior angles are in the ratio 9 : 10. Find the number of sides of each polygon.

Solution 25

Question 26

Solution 26

Question 27

Solution 27

Question 28

Solution 28

Question 29

Solution 29

Question 30

Solution 30

Question 31

Solution 31

Question 32

Solution 32

Question 33

Solution 33

Question 34

Solution 34

Question 35

Solution 35



Question 36


Solution 36

Question 37

In a regular pentagon PQRST, PR = QT intersect at N. Find the angle RQT and QNP.

Solution 37

Question 38

Each exterior angle of a regular polygon is  times of its interior angle. Find the number of sides in the polygon.

Solution 38

Question 39

Each interior angle of a regular polygon is 162°. Another regular polygon has number of sides double the first polygon. Find each interior angle of the second polygon.

Solution 39

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