Sun February 20, 2011 By: Krishna Ravichander
A certain salt of Boron, X gives the following results 1) Its aqueous solution is alkaline to litmus.
2) It swells upto a glassy material Y on strong heating.

write the equations for the reactions and identify x, y and z

Expert Reply
Sun February 20, 2011
X is borax when borax is heated it loses water and forms sodium metaborate . on continued heating it continues losing water and swells upto a glassy material Hence Y must be a mixture of sodium metaborate and boric anhydride

Na 2B 4O7 . + 7H2 O → 2NaOH + 4H3 BO3

Na 2B 4O7 .10 H2 O → Na 2B 4O7 →B 2O 3 + 2 NaBO2

When conc acid is added to borax white crystals of orthoboric acid are formed

Na 2B 4O7 .10 H2 O+ H2 SO4 → Na 2 SO4 + 4H3 BO3 + 5H2 O

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