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why overlapping of sigma bond is stronger compared to the pi bond?

Expert Reply
Sun October 30, 2011
A sigma bond is strong than pi bond, because the overlap of the orbitals is bigger with sigma bonds. 

There are essentially two basic ways that orbitals can overlap with each other to form a bond. Lets consider two atoms with one p-orbital each that will overlap to form a bond. The orbitals can either bond head-on, so that they touch only once, or they can bond side-by-side, touching in two places. The first type, the head-on bond, is called a sigma-bond (usually denoted with the lowercase Greek letter sigma, ?), and the second type, the side-by-side bond, is called a pi-bond (denoted with ?). In the figures below, an example of the sigma bond is on the left and the pi-bond is on the right.

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