Mon June 04, 2012 By: Priyankar

why is the power of 10 is not taken in significant figures?

Expert Reply
Tue June 05, 2012

how to write a measurement of 50 cm in accordance with rule 5, so that it has decimal point to indicate that zeros are significant. We make use of scientific notation, which expresses a value in the powers of 10. Hence, we write different experiment values as given here,


50 cm=5.0X10 1  cm  


This representation shows that the value has two significant figures. Similarly, consider measurements of 500 cm and 3240 cm as measured by an instrument. Our representation is required to reflect that these values have "3" and "4" significant figures respectively. We do this by representing them in scientific notation as :







In this manner, we maintain the number of significant numbers, in case measurement value involves trailing zeros.

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