Sat October 08, 2011 By:

why does dessert cooler cool better on a hot dry day? Please tell me the answer

Expert Reply
Mon October 10, 2011

In a desert cooler, the water inside it is made to evaporate. This leads to absorption of energy from the surroundings, thereby cooling the surroundings. If the amount of water vapour present in air is less, then evaporation is more. On a hot dry day, the amount of water vapour present in air is less. Thus, water present inside the desert cooler evaporates more, thereby cooling the surroundings more and we also know that when a liquid evaporates, the particles of the liquid absorb energy from the surroundings to compensate the loss of energy during evaporation. This makes the surroundings cool.That is why a desert cooler cools better on a hot dry day.

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