Thu May 29, 2008 By: Ankt Madan

why do doctos put injection in vein nad not in atey

Expert Reply
Thu May 29, 2008

Veins travel towards the heart, which will then circulate the medicine throughout the body. If you inject a drug into an artery, it will be distributed downstream from the artery. For example, if you accidentally put an IV into an artery in the arm, the medicine would travel towards the hand instead of towards the heart. For certain medications, this can be dangerous, and potentially cause the vessels in the hand to constrict, causing damage to the tissue there from poor blood flow.

Also, veins are superficial, whereas arteries are deeply situated. It is easier to inject into the vein.

It will also be more painful to inject into an artery, since the artery wall has more pain nerves in it than the vein wall.

Also, since the blood flows in greater pressure in artery, after pricking an artery, it will take long time for the bleeding to stop and the clot to be formed.

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