Sat January 26, 2013 By:

why did mendel self pollinated the pea plant of F1 generation ?

Expert Reply
Wed January 30, 2013
Self-pollinating F1 plants produced 1/4 plants of the recessive character and 3/4 plants of the dominant character. This showed that the recessive trait was not lost.
For example - If true breeding Tall [TT] plants are crossed with true breeding short [tt] plants, all the next generation of plants, called F1, are tall. Next, he showed that F1 plants when self-pollinated (or cross- pollinated with other F1 plants) produce an F2 generation with 3/4 of the plants tall and 1/4 short. So the short plants though not appearing in the F1 generation is  not lost, but is expressed in homozygous condition.
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