Thu January 05, 2012 By: Avi Wadhwa

why change in the speed of light when passing from a rarer to denser medium or vice versa makes it get bended?

Expert Reply
Fri January 06, 2012
light is electromagnetic both electric and magnetic fld oscillatesperpendicular to each other as light the density of the medium changes, its speed also frequency of vibration remains same so the wavelength changes.
as we have seen when we drop a stone in a pond ri[pples will be produced...we can see that  all the points in circle around the point will vibrate in the same phase.
from huygen's principle we know that,point A and B onthe same wavefront, ie points having same phase of vibration. so when A is on the surface of another medium, B is still BD dist to go. by this time  A goes ac  dist in the other medium with some other speed . so AC will never be equal to BD. so point D and C will have same phase.from this concept only we can say that the path must bend to satisfy all the conditions.
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