Fri January 11, 2013 By: Sathish

while v pump air into de cycle through air pump,v feel hotness in de air pump and de tube,,,,is that due 2 de friction created due 2 de piston or anything else. explain pls.

Expert Reply
Sun January 13, 2013
Two reasons. First, the friction of the pump in operation creates heat.
Second, the volume of air is at a certain ambient temperature and pressure when it is sucked into the pump, then when it is squeezed by the pump piston, the air volume gets smaller, causing the air pressure to increase. The air volume contained a certain amount of heat energy before it got squeezed. As it is squeezed together, the amount of heat occupies a smaller space, and so to keep the same amount of heat energy in the air, the temperature has to increase, so it gets hot
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