Sat March 28, 2015 By: Ganesh Budhavaram

which syllabus is difficult to learn


which syllabus i have to learn for iit.  how much time i have to learn daily


for getting english grammar, communication any course is there and course fee

Ganesh Budhavaram

Expert Reply
Snehal Naik
Sun March 29, 2015
Hi Mohan, 
The first question that you asked is not clear and so we would like you to tell us if you are referring to a specific subject in your class. 
About your last question, the best way to improve English is practice. You must write in English as often as you can and get the work corrected by your teacher. This will improve your English writing skills. Communication in English can be easily improved by listening to news and documentaries in English and conversing in the language.
I hope the above suggestions are helpful. 
Happy Studying! 
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