Tue July 10, 2012 By: Thomas Albin

Which among the following is a sure test of electrification: 1.ATTRACTION 2.INDUCTION 3.REPULSION 4.CONDUCTION Why..?

Expert Reply
Wed July 11, 2012
In nature exists many forces.all of them are attractive with an exception to electric gravitaion force too is if u show that two bodies are being attracted ,it may b bcoz of gravatational force too... but if u can some how show that two bodies are being repelled ,it is known to happen only due to electric force.hence repulsion in a sure test for electrification. Also attraction, may also take place due to induction. e.g when comb over dry hair attracts hair, none is charged bt comb still attracts hair due to the induce positive charge in hair and negative in comb.
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