Wed March 26, 2014 By: Sanskrati Gawande

when there is no external torque acting in a floating boby, which of the following qualities can change?

a. angular acceleration

b. angular momentum

c. angular speed

Expert Reply
Tue April 01, 2014

Torque  = Iα

Where, α = angular acceleration

             I = Moment of inertia

If torque is zero then angular acceleration is also zero.

If there is no external force acting on the  body, then angular momentum of the body will remain constant.

L = Iω = constant

Therefore, angular velocity will remain constant, only if the moment of inertia of the body remains constant.

As in the rotational motion, the moment of inertia of the body can change due to the change in position of the axis of rotation, the angular speed may not remain conserved.

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