Thu April 14, 2011 By: Himanshi Jain

When potassium hydroxide absorbs carbon dioxide ,then why don't we use it to control global warming by decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide ? (keeping a check that its excess is not lost)

Expert Reply
Sun April 17, 2011
Studies are on about different ways of absorbing carbon dioxide to reduce global warming. Solutions of sodium or potassium hydroxide can be used to capture carbon dioxide from the air. Alternatively the hydroxide could be used in a vehicle either in solution or perhaps, as weight is crucial, as the solid or a slurry. Also recharging with potassium hydroxide solution at the gas station would be much quicker than recharging a battery. In addition, other chemicals like quicklime and sodium lithium hydroxide are also being studied for this purpose.
(We need to look at the disadvantages of such methods before its implementation can be done, since ways of their quick degradation also need to understood. Planting trees would be a much more economical and environmentally friendly technique.) 
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