Thu March 27, 2014 By: Visakha

when a weight of 10 kgs is suspended from a copper wire of length 3m and diameter 0.4mm, its length increases by 2.4cm . if the diameter of wire is doubled then extension in the length will be ?

Expert Reply
Sat March 29, 2014
l alpha 1 over r squared T h e r e f o r e comma space l subscript 2 over l subscript 1 equals open parentheses r subscript 1 over r subscript 2 close parentheses squared equals open parentheses 1 half close parentheses squared l subscript 2 equals l subscript 1 over 4 equals fraction numerator 2.4 over denominator 4 end fraction l subscript 2 equals 0.6 space c m
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