Thu April 17, 2014 By: Priyank Pareek

what were the political causes ,social causes during eighteen century in french revolution?explain?

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Mon April 21, 2014
The political and social causes of French Revolution are as follows:
Social – The social conditions in France in late 18th century were extremely unequal and exploitative. The clergy and the nobility formed the first two Estates and were the most privileged classes in the French society. They were exempt from payment of taxes to the State. On the other hand, the Third Estate that consisted of peasants and workers formed the majority of the population. They were burdened with excessive taxes with no political and social rights. As a result, they were extremely discontent.
Political – The Bourbon king of France, Louis XVI was an extremely autocratic and weak willed king who led a life of obscene luxury. This led to a lot of disenchantment among the masses who then were leading life of extreme poverty and widespread hunger.

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