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What is watershed management system and how it is helpful to ecosystem ?

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Tue February 12, 2013
Watershed management is the process of creating and implementing plans, programs, and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions that affect the plant, animal, and human communities within a watershed boundary. The watershed is the area of land that drains or sheds water into a specific receiving waterbody, such as a lake or a river. Watershed management encompasses the process of implementing land use practices and water management practices to protect and improve the quality of the water and other natural resources within a watershed by managing the use of those land and water resources in a comprehensive manner.
  • Watershed management planning determines how to best protect and improve the water quality and other natural resources in a watershed.
  • Watershed management helps to control pollution of the water and other natural resources in the watershed by identifying the different kinds of pollution present in the watershed and how those pollutants are transported, and recommending ways to reduce or eliminate those pollution sources.
  • All activities that occur within a watershed will somehow affect that watershed’s natural resources and water quality. New land development, runoff from already-developed areas, agricultural activities, and household activities such as gardening/lawn care, septic system use/maintenance, water diversion and car maintenance all can affect the quality of the resources within a watershed. Watershed management planning comprehensively identifies those activities that affect the health of the watershed and makes recommendations to properly address them so that adverse impacts from pollution are reduced.
  • Watershed management is also important because the planning process results in a partnership among all affected parties in the watershed. It is also an efficient way to prioritize the implementation of watershed management plans in times when resources may be limited.
  • Comprehensive planning for the resources within the entire watershed, with participation and commitment from all municipalities in the watershed, is critical to protecting the health of the watershed’s resources.
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