Fri March 04, 2011 By: Rohit Varshney

what is the trend of acidity , basicity , reducing nature down the group in group 15 ,16,17,18 members ?

Expert Reply
Fri March 04, 2011
Dear Student
Acidity:-- the acidity of the elements decrease as we go down in a group. 
Basicity :--- Basicity will increase as we move dowm the group. Because as the size will increase down the group, the electron donating ability will increase.
When comparing atoms within the same row of the periodic table, the more electronegative the atom donating the electrons is, the less willing it is to share those electrons with a proton, so the weaker the base.
Reducing nature:-- When any molecule reduces another molecule, it itself gets oxidise. the reducing nature increases as ionisation energy decreases. So, as moving down, the size increases, so IE decreases, and hence, reducing nature increases.
We hope that clarifies your query.
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