Fri November 11, 2011 By: Advait Vasavada

what is the reason for interactions of d-orbitals which results into spliting

Expert Reply
Sat November 12, 2011

The reason is metal ligand interaction. A ligand always approaches towards the central atom along the axis. So, the two sets of the d orbitals, i.e. dxy,dyz.dxz and dx2-y2, dz2 degenerate themselves.  As the dx2-y2 and dz2 will face more repulsion as they are on the axis (other three orbotals are between the axes), so these two sets of orbital will have more repulsion as compared to the other three{dxy,dyz.dxz}. Therefore, the dz2 and dx2-y2  will have higher energy.

Due to the energy difference, there will be two sets of d orbitals. This is known as d-d splitting.

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