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what is the "Hit and trial mathod " of balancing the equations.

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Fri September 16, 2011
This method is also called trial and error method, or inspection method. In this method, coefficient before the formulae or symbols of the reactants and products are adjusted in such a way that the total number of atoms of each element only both the sides become equal. This is called material balance, or mass balance. In this method first of all, atoms of the element which appears least in the chemical equation should be balanced. Then, the next one, and so only.

Balance the chemical equation,

(i) Skeletal equation

(ii) Elementary gas in atomic form

(iii) Starting with KMnO4: K and Mn are balanced

(iv) Balancing O atoms

(v) Balancing H atoms

(vi) Balancing Cl atoms

The equation is now balanced in the atomic form.

(vii) To make it molecular

So the balanced molecular equation is

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