Fri June 15, 2012 By: Abhilash

what is the excreatory organ in hilminthes?

Expert Reply
Sun June 17, 2012
Helminths may be classified into nematodes or roundworms, trematodes or flukes and 
cestodes or tapeworms. 
In Nematoda, excretory system is simple and tubular or epidermal glands, no cilia or 
flame cells in Nematoda.
In flukes, excretory system is of a protonephridial type with flame cells. A flame cell is a
 hollow, terminal excretory cell that contains a beating (flamelike) group of cilia. These
 cells, anchored in the parenchyma, direct tissue filtrate through canals into the two 
main collecting ducts. In tapeworm also, the excretory system is of the flame cell type.
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