Mon January 23, 2012 By: Smrithi

what is the difference between solid friction and viscosity

Expert Reply
Mon January 23, 2012
Friction is due to resistance between two solid surfaces where viscosity is due to cohesion or adhesion between two liquid surfaces.
Viscosity is defined as a measure of the resistance of a fluid, which is being deformed by either shear stress or tensile stress. In more common words, viscosity is the “internal friction” of a fluid. It’s also referred as the thickness of a fluid. Viscosity is simply the friction between two layers of a fluid when the two layers move relative to each other
Friction is caused by the contact of two rough surfaces. Friction has five modes; dry friction that occurs between two solid bodies, fluid friction, which is also known as viscosity, lubricated friction, where two solids are separated by a liquid layer, skin friction, which opposes a moving solid in a liquid, and internal friction that causes the internal components of a solid to make friction.

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