Tue May 22, 2012 By: Vishnuraj

what is the difference between electostatic potential,electrostatic potential difference ,electrostatic potential at a point and electrostatic potential energy.plz give separate definitions for each

Expert Reply
Wed May 23, 2012
Electrostatic potential: It is the characteristic of electric field associated with a given charge configuration.
Electrostatic potential difference: It is the amount of work done in carrying unit positive test charge from a point A to B (against the elctrostatic force of the field) along any path between the two points.
Electrostatic potential at a point: Electrostatic potential at any point in a region of electrostatic field is the minimum work done in carrying a unit positive charge (without acceleration) from infinity to that point.
Electrostatic potential energy: The potential energy of charge q due to any charge configuration is the work done by the external force (equal and opposite to electric force) in bringing the charge from infinity to that point.
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