Tue June 05, 2012 By: Megha Merin

what is stomatal complex?

Expert Reply
Wed June 06, 2012

A stoma and its surrounding cells are called a stomatal complex. A stoma (plural stomata) is a pore or opening in the epidermis. They form the only openings in the epidermis of the leaf and it is through the stomata that gases move into and out of the leaf.

The pore is surrounded by two crescent shaped guard cells which control the open and closing of the stoma. In some plant species, additional cells may be differentiated from the ordinary epidermal cells. These are known as accessory cells. Unlike other epidermal cells, the guard cells contain chloroplasts.

Carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis enters the leaves through stomata. Also the chloroplasts present in guard cells contain chlorophyll which are essential for photosynthesis.
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