Sun July 29, 2012 By: Anmol Sahni

what is potenial and potenial difference?

Expert Reply
Sun July 29, 2012
the meaning of potential in a wide sense is an ability to do some work.
It is like if you lift a box, it will be able to fall down and do some work (in falling down) that means when you lift a box you store some potential in it
Thus we can create potential by doing some work on a body.
In the given example when we take the box upwards we say that point in space has a potential due to gravitational field as compared to a point at infinity.
Here that point at infinity is considered to be at zero potential and is used as a reference point
In case of electric charges, the potential is created due to the presence of some electric field due to a charge.
Potential difference is used when we compare two different points in space and when we need to find out the energy needed to move from one poin tto another.
No electric current is a phenomenon due to potential difference.
It is the flow of charges netween two points due to the potential difference between them.
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