Fri July 20, 2012 By: Sivendu Sivendu

What is meant by endosperm?mention its role.Can we eat an endosperm just like eating a fruit(ovary)?

Expert Reply
Sun July 22, 2012
Endosperm is the tissue produced inside the seeds of most flowering plants around the time of fertilization. It surrounds the embryo and provides nutrition in the form of starch, though it can also contain oils and protein.
In many instances, the endosperm is the edible portion.
  • Cereal crops are grown for their palatable fruit (grains), which are primarily endosperm.
  • Wheat endosperm is ground into flour for bread. 
  • Barley endosperm is the main source for beer production.
  • In coconut, edible portion (endosperm) are coconut meat and coconut water.
  • The endosperm of corn 
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