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what is black spots on our eyes?

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Mon December 19, 2011
are you talking about blind spot?
it is the spot on retina, where no rod or cone cells are present. so no image is formed here.
if you are talking about black spots in our eyes,
because of the degeneration of the vitreous (or jelly) within the eye. Most patients start experiencing floaters in their 40s, but those who are myopic or have familial vitreoretinal weakness may notice them earlier. Floaters can come in various shapes and sizes and have been described in multiple colors. Most patients identify their floaters as small dots or as linear figures, often black or gray.

In most cases, floaters are caused by the vitreous breaking down and are generally harmless, but in some it may be more sinister. This is because sudden onset of floaters may coincide with the development of a retinal tear, which may result in a retinal detachment - a potentially blinding problem.

Who is at risk?
In retinal detachment, the retina separates from the outer layers of the eye, thus losing its function. Anyone can potentially develop a retinal tear and detachment as the vitreous degenerates. However, the risk increases in patients with high myopia.
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