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What is Acids and what is bases? On what basis it is classified.

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Acids taste sour, are corrosive to metals, change litmus red, and become less acidic when mixed with bases.

Bases feel slippery, change litmus blue, and become less basic when mixed with acids.

These are classified on the basis of their properties and chemical behavoiur. 

The Arrhenius Theory of acids and bases

The theory

  • Acids are substances which produce hydrogen ions in solution.

  • Bases are substances which produce hydroxide ions in solution.

The Bronsted-Lowry Theory of acids and bases

The theory

  • An acid is a proton (hydrogen ion) donor.

  • A base is a proton (hydrogen ion) acceptor.

The Lewis Theory of acids and bases

This theory extends well beyond the things you normally think of as acids and bases.

The theory

  • An acid is an electron pair acceptor.

  • A base is an electron pair donor.

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