Sat January 07, 2012 By: Gundeep Singh

what are the aldol condensation reactions and canizaros reaction?

Expert Reply
Sun January 08, 2012

Aldol Reaction:  This reaction takes place between two molecules of carbonyl compounds; one molecule should have at least two a-hydrogen atoms. In this reaction best result is obtained when


Both molecule are the same or one should have no ?-hydrogen atom and other should have at least two ?-hydrogens.


The reaction is two step reaction. First step is aldol formation and second step is dehydration of aldol.

Cannizzaro reaction  

 It involves a reaction with aldehydes which have no alpha hydrogen atoms. It is a disproportionate reaction. 
2C6 H5 CHO ————?C6H5 CHOH + C6 H5 COOK
Benzaldehyd                          Benzl alcohol        Potassium benzoate
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