Wed May 25, 2011 By: Sanjay Sagar
Please mam tell me more points.
I want information for about 2 pages.
I also want detailed information.
please mam please
I want only ways to prevent air pollution

What are all the ways to prevent the emission of carbon dioxide,sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen during the usage of petrol,diesel and kerosene?

Expert Reply
Fri May 27, 2011

Various steps for reducing air pollution resulting from vehicles includes:

4-wheeled petrol driven vehicles are fitted with Catalytic Convertors to reduce exhaust pollution levels significantly.

People need to buy vehicles with low NOx emissions, and properly maintain the vehicle

Mass emission norms for new vehicles were introduced in various parts of the world and these norms were progressively made stringent. For example in Delhi, non-commercial vehicles (Cars) complying with Bharat Stage II/Euro-II emission norms are only being registered.

 The quality of the fuel being supplied in different parts of the world has improved by way of :-

  •  Introduction of Unleaded petrol and subsquent phasing out of leaded petrol
  • Introduction of Low Sulphur diesel reducing the Sulphur content
  •  The quality of petrol being has been improved further by reduction of Sulphur content & Benzene Content
 Other steps taken include strengthening of existing air quality monitoring stations, setting up of new stations of critical pollutants, setting up of automated inspection and maintenance facilities for commercial vehicles etc.
Using other cleaner sources of energy like nuclear power, wind energy, hydropower etc. is also an important way of reducing air pollution.
Conserving energy sources (when not needed and when possible to avoid) is also essential.
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