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we get only 10 percentage of whatever is made by plant if we eat no-veg, then why it is said that non-veg is more nutritious and healthy?

Expert Reply
Thu December 06, 2012
Non–vegetarian diet is more nutritious as protein, minerals like calcium, phosphorus and vitamins like A, as in fish and some white meats, are abundant in it. Also, non–vegetarian diet sustains the energy levels longer and more consistently than vegetarian food.
But vegetarian diet is also important since it is easily digestible and so puts a minimal load on the gastric system, preserving its capabilities. Vegetarian diet has a lot of fiber leading to proper digestion, and unhindered bowel evacuation. Only care that needs to be taken is to include different types of vegetarian foods which give all the essential nutrients to body.
So whatever the type of food, diet planning is essential.
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