Mon February 28, 2011 By: Preeti Handa

water flows at the rate of 5m per minute through a cylindrical pipe whose diameter is 7cm. how long it will take to fill the conical vessel having base diameter 21 m and depth 12 m.

Expert Reply
Mon February 28, 2011
Dear student,
We have:
r = radius of the base of the conical vessel = 21/2 m
h =height of the conical vessel = 12 m
So, volume of the conical vessel =      ... (1)
Suppose the conical vessel is filled in x minutes.
Then, length if the water coloumn = 5x m
Clearly, water column forms a cylinder of length 5x m, and radius 7/ 2 cm = 7/ 200 m
So, volume of water that flows in x minutes is given by:
Equate equations (1) and (2) to get the required value of x.
We hope that clarifies your query.
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