Wed January 11, 2012 By: Devna

Wat are the factors affecting the rate of a reaction?

Expert Reply
Wed January 11, 2012

The factors that affect reaction rates are:

  • Nature of the reactant- Properties of substances affect reaction rates. Some of the properties are state of matter, molecular size, bond type and bond strength. 
  • Concentration or pressure of the reactants- Greater the concentration of the reactants, faster is the reaction. Conversely, as the concentrations of the reactants decrease, the rate of reaction also decreases. Increasing the pressure of a gas is exactly the same as increasing its concentration.
  • Temperature- The rate of reaction increases with increase of temperature.
  • Presence/absence of a catalyst- A catalyst  increases the speed of a reaction and helps to attain the equilibrium quickly without disturbing the state of equilibrium.
  • Surface area of the reactants- For a reaction involving a solid reactant,  increasing the surface area of the solid-phase reactant increases the number of collisions per second and therefore increases the reaction rate.
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