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value based question

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Thu November 29, 2012
‘Sania and Shreya’ are best friends and study in grade 4, recently, Sania has been
facing difficulty in reading the black-board text from the last desk. Shreya is little
uncomfortable and wonders why sania avoids sitting on the last desk. On observation
she found that sania often carries junk food in her lunch. Shreya has started sharing
her lunch – full of green vegetables and fruits with her. Sania is now better and has
also started taking a ‘balanced diet’.
(i) Name the eye defect Sania is suffering from?
(ii) What are the two possible deformities related to her eye defect?
(iii) What value is shown by Shreya and Sania?
(i) Myopia, short sightedness 1
(ii) Lens defect (increased thinness), eye ball defect (shortening) 2
(iii) Friendship, concern for each other, value and 2
balanced diet
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