Sun February 12, 2012 By: Saara Acharya

Two billiard balls are rolling on a flat table.One has a velocity component Vx=1m/s, Vy=(3)1/2 m/s & the other ball has componentsVx=2m/s, Vy=2m/s. If both balls start moving from same point,find angle between their paths.

Expert Reply
Sun February 12, 2012
For the first ball v x= 1m/s and vy=?3m/s

tan?= v y/ v x = ?3/1= ?3

 ?= 600

For the second ball, tan?’= v ‘y/ v ‘x

                               =2/2 =1


Hence, the angle between the paths of two balls =600-450 =150

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