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Triangle law of vector addition with expression or derivation

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Tue September 13, 2011

Law of vector addition :

The law of triangle of vector addition states:

If , the two sides of a triangle represents two given vectors in magnitude and direction in same order , then third side drawn in opposite sense represents their vector sum.

For example:

Let there be two vectors \overrightarrow{A} and \overrightarrow{B} and the angle between them is \theta as shown in the picture below:

Geometric addition of vectors



Then , To find their sum(  )  first of all we reposition the two vectors such that the head of vector \overrightarrow{A} exactly coincides with the tail of vector \overrightarrow{B} and then draw a vector from the tail of the vector \overrightarrow{A} to head of the vector \overrightarrow{B} , The newly drawn vector represents the vector b sum of vectors “a” and “b” , as shown in the figure below:


Geometric addition of vectors


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