Thu November 03, 2011 By: Thomas Albin

The work done in order to transfer the heat from a cold body to a hotter body is in fact the work done to "ABSORB THE HEAT "from the cold body to transfer it to the hot body.Is this correct?

Expert Reply
Thu November 03, 2011

Heat always flows from hot to cold.  Heat does not flow from a cold object to a hot object.  For example the heat from a hotplate passes into a cold pan to heat up the water in the pan.


The greater the temperature difference between the hot object and the cold object, the greater is the flow of heat

A heat "source" generates thermal energy that brings the working substance in the high temperature state. The working substance generates work in the "working body" of the engine while transferring heat to the colder "sink" until it reaches a low temperature state.
Its the negative work done to transfer the heat from cold body to hot body.
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