Sun December 23, 2012 By: Priyadarshini Sahoo

The potential at a point is defined as the amount of work done in bringing a unit positive charge from infinity to that point.what does this means?

Expert Reply
Mon December 24, 2012
Suppose if we  raise an object from ground to a certain height then the work we do against gravity is stored as PE in the body.
So every time we do some work on a body against some force is stored in it as energy.
In case of electric field, potential at point say P in the electric field willbe:
The influence of the charged conductor A is felt upto the bigger circle shown.
To bring any charge to point P we need to work against the electric field of the chaged A.That work will be stored at P .Potential of point P will be the work done in bringing every unit charge (+ve)to  P.
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