Fri April 01, 2011 By: Rohan Mehra

The line segment joining A(3,0) AND B(5,2)Is rotated about A in the anti-clockwise direction through an angle of 45 degrees so that B goes to C.If D is the reflection of C in the y-axis,find the coordinates of D.

Expert Reply
Wed April 13, 2011
Here the slope of line AB =
Then if θ, is the angle made by AB, with positive direction of x-axis,
we have tan θ = 1 => θ = 45 degree
Now if AB is rotated by 45 degree to AC,
the line segment AC makes 90 degree with x-axis.
Also AC = AB = .
So the coordinate of point C is .
Hence the reflection of C in y-axis is D.
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