Sat January 05, 2013 By: Shivasis Mohanty

The density of ice is 918kgm-3 and that of sea water id 1,030kgm-3.An iceberg floats with a portion 224 litres outside water. Find the volume of iceberg.

Expert Reply
Sat January 05, 2013

Given: volume of the iceberg outside the water = 224 litres or 224×10-3 m3

density of ice = 918 kgm-3 and that of sea water = 1030 kgm-3

Lets assume iceberg is floating with volume inside the water = x m3

The weight of the iceberg will be balanced by the buoyancy force FB

ie Mg = V?g

M = V? -----------------------(1)

Where M be the mass of the iceberg, V be the volume of the iceberg inside the water ie x m3 which is volume of the water displaced precisely and ? is the density of the water

Now M = Net Volume of the iceberg × Density = (224×10-3 + x) × 918 kg

Substitute the values and get the desired answer!

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