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thanks 4 replying to my previous question about solution.... but i think u are wrong because according to cbse book even alloys are solution(both solid) and air is a solution(all gas) its not necessary that solution should contain only liquid... so please reconsider my question.... am posting it again below... consider a solution, where both solvent and solute are in solid state. After mixing, the solute is in form of colloid particle(say 10 raised to the power 4 nm),and this solute particles are uniformly distributed and one cant identify them. So, can we say that its a homogeneous solution,as particles are uniformly distributed and they are in same phase.(solid) ????

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Thu December 15, 2011
Yes, we can call it a homogeneous solution but it is actually a homogeneous mixture. In fact solutions, colloids, suspensions all are different types of homogeneous mixtures only.
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