Mon March 24, 2014 By: Sidharth V

Suresh noticed a big granite rock in his locality.  He thought that if they worked upon it, they could earn money.  He took permission from the government, completed all the formalities.  He broke the rock using a bomb.  The rock was made into slices.  They established a granite industry.  Many of the people in the surrounding started to earn and live comfortably.

i. What values of Suresh impress you?

ii. A bomb is thrown in a horizontal direction with a velocity of 15m/sec.  It explodes into 2 parts of masses 2 kg and 3 kg.  The heavier fragment continues to move in the horizontal direction with the velocity of 80m/sec.  Calculate the velocity of the lighter one?


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Mon March 24, 2014
i. The values of Suresh that are impressive are Business acumen, decision making and persuasive power.
Sat November 18, 2017

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