Tue February 01, 2011 By: Apoorv Kumar

state one characteristic which shows that birds are closely related to reptiles. (2 marks)

Expert Reply
Thu February 03, 2011

 Dear student,

Some characteristics shared by reptiles and birds, which show their close relation are:

  1. Birds and reptiles share several skeletal and internal characteristics. Both have five fused bones in their jaws, a single middle ear bone and an almost identical nucleated red blood cell structure.
  2. Reptiles and birds have a cloaca that serves as their body's only means of waste, reproductive and intestinal tract evacuations.
  3. The bodies of birds and reptiles are covered entirely with different versions of scales that have developed over hundreds of thousands of years
  4. Birds and reptiles are oviparous, i,e egg laying and the structure of the amniotic shelled eggs reptiles and birds lay are quite similar. 
  5. There is also evidence that suggests reptiles often show the same care and attention a mother hen will provide her young chicks, and birds and reptiles also protect their nests with a great vigor. 
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